Deposits allow me to hold the time window for us and allow me to be assured that you are going to show up for your appointment and on time.

Deposits also cover my transportation costs/incall rental fees.


Another option is to send me a E-Gift Card through This method is the best for situations where you need to book a hotel room for our session, but do not want to have a hotel show up on your bank statement/credit card bill. Gift Cards - E-mail Delivery

Deposits can be sent through squarecash / cashapp. My handle is "$KMQpayments"

You can also click the button below.

For regular $50 deposits, E-Gift Card works well too.



Deposits can also be sent through my super discrete and secure online store I have set up with Square. I’m not going to link it here because I wan’t to keep this website separate from the online store out of fear of getting banned by Square. It happened to me last year with Paypal, which was a huge inconvenience.

***Payment will go through on your bank statement as***


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Deposits will act as a cancelation fee if appointment cannot be rescheduled.